Hi, I'm Yolanda

Increasing Access to Justice, Modernization,
Cost-Savings, and Reforms

My determination to transform the Clerk of Courts office to work better for YOU shapes every decision I make, from increased access to justice, driving office modernizing and cost-savings, and enacting social and criminal justice reforms.


You may never need to use my office – no one wants or expects to be accused of a crime or a victim of a crime. But things happen, people drive impaired, teens make poor decisions, people want to appeal speeding tickets, or you may need to bail a family member out of jail.

As the office responsible for ensuring that all the criminal paperwork is filed correctly, rest assured that I put you first as I consistently seek opportunities to make improvements that save you and your lawyers time and money.


Under my leadership as the incumbent Clerk of Courts, these are just some of the improvements made:

  • Access: I successfully implemented e-filing. Lawyers can now file any time, from anywhere, and can also now access all documents online. Previously every action required a trip to my office.

  • Modernization: Rather than mail 12,000 checks and thousands of documents annually, we now scan paper and send payments electronically. We use less paper, ink, envelopes, checks, and stamps.

  • Cost-Savings: Access and efficiencies have saved you, the taxpayer, over $160,000 annually.

  • Reforms: We now expunge the juvenile records of qualifying low-level offenders who turn 18 but have not initiated the paperwork themselves. No longer will a small mistake hold them back.

The Future Is Bright

While I have made great strides over the past four years, there is more to do! I will continue to modernize the office to better serve you and the entire Chester County community. With your help, I am ready to build on the progress I have made.