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The Clerk of Courts Matters Because

Everyone is impacted by the office, either directly as a user or indirectly as a taxpayer. The Clerk of Courts plays an important role in assuring that everyone gets their day in court, a fundamental right.

With 29 people, every year we handle 6,000 new cases with collections of fees and fines of $6 million, restitution of $1 million, bail of $30 million, we staff 21,000 court hearings, we expunge over 1,000 records and we store physical evidence including guns, drugs, and money. We improve community safety by processing bail and working with bail bondsmen to keep potentially dangerous people off the streets.

Whether you ever use the office or not, I make certain that it is at its absolute best to protect everyone’s right to justice.

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  • Files criminal paperwork for 4,500 adult cases and 600 juvenile cases annually (all numbers listed here annually).

  • Processes 600 summary appeals (i.e., appealing a verdict from the Magisterial District Court, Traffic and Non Traffic)

  • Files dependency paperwork (i.e. children being neglected) on 65 cases

  • Staffs over 21,000 criminal and dependency court hearings and trials.

  • Processed about 3,000 bails assessed at about $30 million on which $1.5MM is due and collected.

  • Assesses restitution (victim compensation); Collects restitution from defendants and makes 11,000 restitution payments to victims totaling over $1MM annually.

  • Collects fines and costs of  $6MM and restitution in conjunction with Adult Probation.

  • Handles misc. such as: filing road dockets, maintaining constable bonds, licensing private detectives, collecting bonds for local elected tax collectors, performing background checks etc.

  • Stores evidence, once admitted in court, such as guns, drugs and money used in criminal activity.

  • Counts DUIs as the single largest crime, with about 2,000 annually (included in criminal case numbers).

  • Processes about 1,000 adult expungement.

  • Processes about 200 juvenile expungements.

  • Sealed 1.7 million cases from 2019 to 2020 following Clean Slate legislation.

 (Data collected annually)